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Course Description and Purpose

ELA Instructional Practices is directed to those interested in learning more about how the Instructional Practices can provide a structure for Professional Learning Community professional learning and growth. 

Please direct content questions to: the NCDPI ELA Team.

Contact Hours/Certification of Completion

This Canvas course takes approximately 20 hours to complete. NCDPI does not offer literacy credits and/or CEUs for this work; please contact your local district regarding any CEU credits.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will review the 12 Instructional Practices.
  2. Participants will identify a PLC structure that utilizes the Instructional Practices.
  3. Participants will apply a PLC structure that utilizes the Instructional Practices.

Course Learning Checklist

Download the Learning Checklist to guide you through the course. 


Alignment to NC Professional Teaching Standards

Standard 2: Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of Students

  • Teachers adapt their teaching for the benefit of students with special needs.

Standard 3: Teachers know the content they teach.

  • Teachers align their instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study
  • Teachers know the content appropriate to their teaching speciality.

Standard 4: Teachers facilitate learning for their students

  • Teachers plan instruction appropriate for their students.
  • Teachers use a variety of methods to assess what each student has learned.

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Course Completion Policy

NCDPI does not offer literacy credits and/or CEUs for this work; please contact your local district regarding any CEU credits.

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These tools do not have an accessibility statement. Where appropriate within this course, participants will have access to alternative means of content presentation and assessment input. 

Technology Requirements

See our Participation & Computer Requirements for details.

Help & Support

For help and support regarding content in this course, contact the NCDPI ELA Team. For technical help and support, contact Canvas support.


Learning Navigation

Icon What it means?
Icon.Overview.80x80.png Topic Overview

This icon appears at the front of all topic overview pages to give participants a clear sense of the big picture for each learning segment.

Icon.Objectives.80x80.png Learning Objective

This icon is used at the front of all learning objective pages. It signals that what follows are the targeted learning objectives for the respective module.

Icon.Activity.80x80.png Activity Icon

This icon asks participants to complete a brief activity embedded in the Canvas content page or will direct participants to an outside digital tool. (Note: Digital Tools outside of Canvas may ask for participants to create a separate account for that tool)

Icon.Reading.80x80.png Reading Icon

This icon points participants to specific chunks of reading embedded in the content page.

Icon.Video.80x80.png Video Icon

This icon directs participants to watch a video embedded in the content page or linked out to outside provider.

Icon.Reflection.80x80.png Thinking Icon

This icon directs learners to spend some time thinking and reflecting on a specific topic and/or question. This “think time” may lead to a written activity, but it does not have to. In some instances, it may mean learns pause, think, and digest information.

Icon.Feedback.80x80.png Feedback

This icon will point participants to provide feedback to the facilitator or the course developer.

Icon.Resources.80x80.png Resource Icon

This icon showcases a variety of resources or handouts for further learning.

Icon.Discussion.80x80.png Discussion Icon

This icon gives participants instructions to post responses to the Discussion.

Icon.Arrow.80x80.png Moving Forward Icon

This icon appears at the bottom of each content page, provides thoughtful wrap-up for the learning content on that page, and directs participants to the learning aim of the following page.

Icon.Stop.80x80.png Stop and Read

Periodically, there may be areas within the course that require participants to stop and read important information before proceeding with the course.  This icon appears when participants will be asked to pause to read before continuing.

Icon.Explore.80x80.png Exploring for Depth

This icon will direct participants to either explore by viewing a presentation, image, or some other digital media that will require participants to complete an action.


Course Summary:

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